Bucks County natives, Ed and Eileen Bowden took their family and left the suburbs behind on a quest to fulfill a long held dream of farming. Spending almost a decade to find the perfect place to set up their family farm and meeting more than a few bumps and turns in the road, they are now happily nestled in the village of Pipersville in Bucks County PA. This land includes forest, pastures, and living space. They raise chickens, roosters, turkeys, rabbits and of course, goats on their pastures, with the farm's focus on regenerating the soil.    Regenerative farming is dynamic and holistic incorporating permaculture and organic farming practices. Choosing miniature and pygmy breed goats so their seven children could safely  and wholly participate in their everyday care, the Bowdens utilize silvopasture, an ancient practice that combines forestry with pasture. It seeks to grow trees in areas where animals are pastured as a way to get double the amount of production out of one area of land while also contributing to the ecological health of that area. Regenerative organic agriculture is proven to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and reverse climate change.

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