Here at the farm we turn your traditional story time upside down making learning relevant, engaging, and fun by reading to our goats!

It must be something about their deep sighs, the warm snuggles, or even just a second set of eyes keeping watch on the world, animals connect people to each other and this bond strengthens their ability to work together. Our highly socialized and friendly  goats allow children to focus on the goats instead of feeling self-conscious about their reading.

One of the most important aspects of facilitating reading skill development is motivating a child to engage in reading, As children love interacting with our goats, a connection that also teaches them about kindness and empathy, it makes learning and reading joyful.

This program utilizes our baby and miniature breed goats to help kids improve their reading and communication skills and also teaches them to love books and reading increasing their confidence, lending itself to continued literacy improvements.

Children will enjoy a read aloud story, then will be assisted in choosing their grade/level appropriate books to read to the goats. As reading to goats progresses, a PA certified teacher will support and help students with guided reading.

Guided reading is an instructional approach that involves a teacher working with a small group of readers. The teacher provides support, coaching the learners as they use problem-solving strategies to read the text. Each session, the teacher will offer the students and parents instructional support and take home tips on how to further help their children. The ultimate goal is independent reading.

This program is multi-age designed for emerging readers aged 4 through to fluent readers age 9.

Parents’ attendance is mandatory for this program.

Each ticket is for ONE parent and ONE reader. Every child over the age of 4 in attendance is considered a reader. All siblings under age 3 are FREE. If you have more than one reader, it will be $15.00 per additional reader. Please click here for this additional reader ticket link. Our class sizes are small to maintain our above average human to goat ratio and your ticket reserves your spot.


Payment for G.O.A.T.Story.Time. must be completed before your arrival to class.

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