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Q. What type of yoga do you do in the class? Do I have to know yoga?

~It is an all-skills level yoga class. We are able to accommodate anyone from children to the elderly.  It is an "easy flow" class that you can modify to your own level from first timer to advanced.  Many of our guests have never practiced yoga.


Q. Do I have to participate in the yoga?

~We like to say this is your goat yoga class!  Participants are free to do as much yoga as they want.  Everyone’s yoga class is different, some prefer more yoga, some prefer more goats!  Some people just like to sit on their mat and snuggle goats. You get to choose!


Q. What happens during class?

~Our certified yoga instructor will teach and entertain yoga class with yoga sequences appropriate for all levels. We, on the other hand, will make sure everyone has a unique goat experience during their practice.


Q. What should I wear to Namaaaste Goat Yoga?

~You may wear whatever you wish. Some guests wear workout clothes, costumes, swimwear, PJ's, and flannels....just remember you'll have goats jumping on your back, maybe licking your clothes and in our outdoor events,  you will be on grass. Participants may want to tie back hair if it is long (the goat kids might choke on it if they attempt to playfully pull it). Remember that our baby goats like to jump on backs; therefore, we recommend shirts that keep your back and shoulders covered.


Q.  Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

~Participants are required to provide their own mats/towels/blankets on which to sit and do yoga.  You are encouraged to bring your own water and insect repellant. Please keep in mind that goats are curious animals and they are known to take a liking to your stuff and to nibble on shoelaces, drawstrings, and jewelry. You should leave your sparkly things at home, as well as any other jewelry that may get tangled with a baby goat!


Q. Do we need to bring our own goats?

~Goats are provided at goat yoga! Please don't bring any other animals,  goats are prey animals and we don't want them to get eaten.

Q. What kind of goats will be in class?

~We have a mix of Nigerian Dwarves and Pygmies. These goats are the perfect size for goat yoga.


Q. How many goats do you have?

~Currently, we provide 5-15 goats at our events depending on the number of human participants.  We pride ourselves on providing a great human to goat ratio.


Q. Where did the goats come from? Do you have rescue goats?

~Our goats live on our family's regenerative farm where they spend their days doing goat things!  Yes! We have rescued goats since we started Goat Yoga and we are always on the lookout for potential goats in need of rescue. This is their forever home.

Q. Can we pick the goats up?

~There is a very specific way to pick up a goat so we would prefer you not to. If you want to hold a baby goat, just ask!


Q. Is this a form of Animal-Assisted therapy?

~Yes. The focus of this class is not just to take pictures for Instagram. The focus is to combine nature, goats, and yoga in order to disconnect from the stresses of life. Combining those three things is very therapeutic and works as a happy distraction from whatever you may be going through, whether that be depression, stress, disease, disabilities or anything.


Q. Can I feed the goats?

~PLEASE DO NOT FEED OUR GOATS and DO NOT BRING FOOD INTO THE YOGA AREA. Our goats are on a diet that promotes maximum nutrition and optimum health.  


Q. Do your goats bite or headbutt?  Are the goats aggressive?

~No. Will they nibble at your zippers/buttons? Yes, but they’ve never destroyed anything. They’ve also never headbutted a human before. They just want to be pet and cuddled.   Our goats are all Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf breeds.  They are gentle and peaceful by nature. They may at times butt each other out of the way to get at food.

Q. What about goat poop or pee?  Is it clean?

~Expect some accidents to occur. The goats are farm animals, which poop and pee whenever it suits them and from time to time they do poop on your mat.  (You don't have to do anything about it, we maintain a team ready to quickly clean up any such incidents).  Goat poop is not gross or messy. It is small pellets that are easily brushed away. You should be prepared though and dress accordingly. All of our classes in summer are held in a grassy field so any poop becomes part of the Earth and you’ll barely notice it!  But before every session the room will be cleaned up.


Please be respectful of our staff, however, as they are not there to brush random leaves, straw, or dirt from your yoga mats--, so please understand that the some classes take place outdoors, on the ground, in a natural environment!  


Q.  Are restrooms provided?  Are there hand-washing stations or hand-sanitizer provided?


~Yes, in some locations.  

We will have plenty of hand-sanitizer alvailable at all events. Each outdoor event location amenities will be listed under the event description.


Q. Are children permitted in classes?

~For the safety of the child we prefer them to be over 5 years old and comfortable around animals. They should be able to make it through a fun yoga class and not wander around. The goats do not discriminate  who they jump on so please use your own discretion when bringing a child. You need to buy your child a ticket to class.

Q.Can I bring family or friends to watch?

~No, they would need to pay for a class. While we receive a tremendous amount interest from people that just want to come visit and many of our attendees have no interest in actually doing yoga, EVERYONE MUST HAVE THEIR OWN TICKET. We limit each event's attendance so that everyone can have plenty of time during and after class to just enjoy the atmosphere and mingle with the goats. Paid guests that don't want to participate in the actual yoga activities are welcome to simply interact, cuddle, and take photos with our precious babies. But EVERYONE must purchase a ticket in order to visit. We want to respect the peacefulness of the practice and not disturb or distract those who have paid to practice.


Q. Are there refunds?

~Sorry, no refunds.  If you want to reschedule your class you can do so by contacting us directly at last 48 hours prior to your scheduled class. We appreciate being notified as soon as possible so we can offer your spot to someone else who wants to attend. (Reschedules are location specific, check ticket for location for reschedule policy).


Q. Do you do private classes?

~Yes! We provide private events for team building for businesses, bachelorette parties, birthdays etc. please contact us for more information!

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